Nba Draft 2014. Take Your Pick.

The Draft is coming, it will happen on June 26, Thursday. How can the Cavs win 3 number one picks in the last 4 years? It’s crazy luck. Anyway, this is one of the deepest talent pool in years and today we will be taking a look at four of the top prospects. They are not ranked by me in any order, it’s just what I feel of them.


Joel Embiid

The 7 foot center from Kansas initially had teams worried about his medical condition after his back injury he had while at Kansas. But he managed to convince the Cavs that he’s good to go after his workout with them.

He strength lies on the defensive end. He’s a hard worker and looks great as a weak side defender. Blocking and altering shots. He’s also good on his feet and quick for a player his size. He seems to have a few moves on the post, wonder if he can use them effectively.  Not sure if he has range on his shot, but he seems to be able to hit the occasional step back jumper, although there’s definitely work to be done.

“You can’t teach size.” He reminds me a lot of Anthony Davis with his length and speed, and his impact on the defensive end. I believe that if he could add some more weight and develop a more improved post game to add to his defensive ability, he could definitely develop into a dominant two way player.

Scans suddenly reveals a foot injury. Highly doubt he will be in the top 5, might not even make the top 10.


Jabari Parker

6 foot 8 wingman from Duke. Rated as the most Nba Ready player in this year’s Draft.

He’s body is ready for the Nba, he’s versatile enough to play multiple positions and he’s smart, he understands how to play the game. The only real downside to him is his lack of a high ceiling and his need to improve on defense. Other than that, he is pretty much a good player, I like his quickness and he is smart enough to beat his man with his first step. Also has pretty decent range on his jumper.

It’s always good to be compared to a player like Carmelo Anthony, but it’s not a plus point to have a defense like him. Despite this, I believe that Jabari will have a sold career in the pros. He has a good work ethic and though his ceiling may not be as high as some of the others,  I believe his versatility will make him a solid player which most teams would like to have. Not a perennial All Star, but will provide solid all around play and an offensive punch.


Andrew Wiggins

6 foot 8 SG/SF from Kansas. Has huge amount of athleticism and with one of the highest ceiling out of the group of players in this year’s Draft.

His athleticism is his greatest asset. It allows him to leap, block and finish in transition better than most of his peers. For other aspects of his game though, there is still much to be improved on. Needs to shoot more consistently and work on his handles. His potential is the key, because he could get better and no one knows how good he can get.

Athleticism will only get you so far in the Nba, though it’s something that you can’t train on. If Wiggins work on his shot and puts on more weight to allow him to finish better in transition, he will definitely be a great player. How great he will be comes down to how hard he works. Shooting, dribbling and learning to take what the defense give you are stuff that can be developed over time. Give this kid a few years, it will be interesting to see where he lands.


Dante Exum

19 year old Australian, 6 foot 6 PG with a wing span of 6 foot 9.

Has a big body for a PG and that is an immediate advantage. A quick player and ability to change speed quickly makes him very difficult to stop. His ability to drive to the rim and draw fouls are great, but needs to convert on his shots better. Also need to improve his shots, flat and not much trajectory. Has to be able to protect the ball better in order to hold his own against the pros.

Point guards are vital in the Nba nowadays, but because there are so many good PGs, you can’t afford to be average. One advantage Dante will have is his size. He’s big and if he can get stronger there won’t be many guards who can stop him. His ability to get to the rim constantly is also great, though he has to knock hit FTs down at a better clip. The most important aspect he needs to work on is his shooting. Developing a strong mid range game will instantly make him deadly player combined with his playmaking ability.



My Final Thoughts

First off, I hope Joel Embiid manages to recover from his injury and hope that this doesn’t affect his career in the future, because he has mad skills. Now I think the best fit for the Cavs would be Wiggins. They already have Kyrie so they don’t really need a PG now and I am doubtful they will make the playoffs this season even if they take Parker. They have too many issues such as getting a new coach and deciding whether or not to keep Deng. Giving them a few years to gel would be best and also provide Wiggins more time to develop his game.

For the Bucks, I would say take the best talent on the table. Be it Parker or Exum, whichever they decide on after the workouts. They are in rebuilding mode and need all the help they can get, the position doesn’t really matter, it’s all about the talent now.

For the 76ers, I would think Parker would be a nice fit. First off, they have rookie of the year, MCW to run the point. Don’t forget Nerlens Noels, the player they got last year. If Noels comes back healthy and is able to help shore up their defense and Parker helps to provide depth on the SF position on their squad, this team could go far. Give the team a couple of years to develop chemistry, add a few pieces here and there, who knows where they might end up.