Free Agency. Who benefits more? Teams or players?

Almost every summer, there’s a crop of big names on the market.

While this is interesting for the general fan, it can be quite unnerving if your team’s All Star or Franchise player is deciding whether or not to opt out. They can just leave and you will be left with nothing.

As a GM what should you do?

Should you trade them before hand to try and get something back at least, should you make changes to your coaching staff to try and keep them happy? It’s tough, players have so much power, but think about this, Franchises have the ability to get better in a hurry as well. They can just make a few signings and instantly they are a title contender. Sure, they won’t be great immediately but they will definitely get better over time. So I guess it’s fair right? Win win situation for both sides?


Here’s what I think, it favors the players slightly.

Look, I know you’re going to say ‘Hey man! Slightly? Are you joking?’

Okay, I agree that it’s very frustrating for us sport fans to see players just pack up and decide to join forces or look for the grass that is greener on the other side. We would prefer to see loyalty in sports, prefer to see players continue to give back to the team that stick with them.

But it’s hard and it’s tough when you keep losing, very few players are willing to stick it out. Free Agency is more than just players changing teams, it’s also about how they have a chance to earn a living and realize their dream. Here are a few factors why Free Agency is important.

Not everyone has as many options as Carmelo (Via Flickr

Not everyone has as many options as Carmelo (Via Flickr


Everybody wants that ring

Everyone wants to compete for a championship every year, everyone in the league is a competitor. I am sure every player joined this league thinking about winning a title. Everybody wants to win, nobody likes losing.

Sometimes (no offense to any teams) some teams are just focus on tanking or rebuilding for that season, perhaps a player feels that he wants to win right away. Or maybe a player has been on the same team for a few years and he feels that he is not getting enough help or his team has max out it’s potential. Free agency give them that opportunity to try and join a team to win a title and fulfill their childhood dream.

You’ve got to earn your living

Look if you are a role player or even just a bench player, every single dollar counts. I understand they still make millions, but they can only play basketball to a certain age before their bodies give up. They still have a long way to go after they retire so unless you are looking for a job after that, then you need to make the most you can in your prime. This of course doesn’t apply to All Stars who easily make 10 million a season.

Unless you are Kobe or LeBron…

Then you can just rely on endorsements, selling shoes and advertisement to help boost your income. But how many Kobe or LeBron are there? Let’s face it, most of the players’ income come solely from their contract.


Teams also have one huge advantage with Free Agency, you can get better fast!

Signing of a few key players or All Stars instantly could make you a title contender. This is probably the best advantage for teams. One moment you are in the lottery and the next moment you can be challenging for the title.

Not every team will be able to achieve this and it does not guarantee a title even if you do it but it gives you hope. It give your fans hope that they might get a key signing and give them hope for a title. This might just be one thing, but if your team gets this right, you will be singing a different tune about Free Agency.