What now for the Purple & Gold.

Kobe Bryant          Photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/

These are just my thoughts on the upcoming season for the Los Angeles Lakers. Just a quick rant on the very popular Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are interesting to me because they seem to have set the team yet there are still slots and rotations to be filled. They have players but who is going to start? Who is going to get the minutes? They are pretty deep at the guard position and maybe the power forward but there’s still a lot of questions that need to be answered. The search for a new coach is also still ongoing although some would say they should just take Brian Shaw right now.

The current Laker roster is made up of Carlos Boozer, Bryant, Jordan Hill, Ed Davis, Jeremy Lin, Kendall Marshall, Steve Nash, Julius Randle, Robert Sacre and Nick Young.

Now some players are free agents and some are not signed yet but the main thing is, how many of them do you really know??? How many of them are really players that you see with potential or being able to add value in the chase for a title?

There’s Lin, Boozer, Nash, Young and number 24. But the thing is, it’s difficult for this team to compete for a title. How exactly is Kobe Bryant going to get ring number six with a team like this? I think they have close to 60 million in salary already committed for the season so no major help is going to be coming in. They missed out on the big names on Free Agency but they did get some pretty decent returns.

I think Lin is a good pickup, his salary is a problem but I think he’s a quality player. He can drive, he can shoot it, he’s going to be a good player that will give the Lakers good offense. Boozer is no Gasol but his numbers have been pretty consistent and not too bad. He can shoot, he can rebound. He won’t give you more, but you’ll know what you’re getting from him.

Both players aren’t great defenders but maybe with a coach with a great defensive scheme, the Lakers might have pretty decent defense. Add in the scoring punch of Young off the bench and if Nash can stay healthy then perhaps the Lakers can push for a playoff spot in the West. Although I am not expecting them to go too far, if they do really advance, a lot will be on Bryant.

Could the Lakers maybe get a decent big or a quality forward? If Nash starts with Bryant, both Lin and Young will come off the bench. Boozer will start but who will be starting with him, maybe Randle? How does Jordan Hill fit in? These are questions that I have and it will be interesting to see how they play although the only thing I am looking forward to is seeing Kobe back in action. They probably won’t be able to really challenge for the title this season, maybe next when Lin’s contract comes off. Maybe management will have a plan, until then it’s just one day at a time and I think that’s what the Lakers need to do. Take it one day at a time.