The Return of the King.

Did I thought that LeBron would return to Cleveland at the start of free agency? Definitely not. Cleveland wasn’t able to compete for titles immediately, they have a dysfunctional team and no proven head coach. I don’t really believe in their GM either as I don’t think he has been able to bring solid players to the team. So why would he choose Cleveland if he really wants to be the greatest player to ever played this game and compete for more titles?

Because it’s home to him.LeBron James

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That’s what so special about LeBron to me. He always cares about his community and try to give back whenever he can. Yes, the Decision in 2010 was an extremely bad move yet every year he would continue to hold his events in Akron to raise awareness and money for his kids. He is able to look past all the jersey burning, all the boos and that infamous letter from the owner to continue to give back to the community that he grew up in.

LeBron knows that he won’t be able to compete for a championship immediately. Much as I like Kyrie, he still needs to work on his leadership and Wiggins just came into this league. If they are somehow able to get Love, the Cavs would become a better team. Having two 3-point shooting champs would really space the floor for LeBron. But the situation right now is, he is not chasing titles.

He is more focus on being a role model, more focus on letting kids from Northeast Ohio know that he is back with them. He wants to spur them on to do better. He wants to tell and show them, give back to your community if possible, never forget your roots, there is no place like home.

How many athletes with LeBron’s influence and power would choose to inspire kids and people around the world? It’s easy to say, we can all do it. But he was a 15 year old who had everything handed to him. They were calling him King, saying he was the Chosen One. At 15, how many of us were actually mature enough to not get carried away? LeBron had no father, he only had his mum growing up and it was a tough childhood. Yet he stayed grounded and managed to become the man that he is today.

Despite all the bad intentions, all the hate and conflicts in Cleveland, he is able to look past is, knowing that it was well deserved because of how he handed his business in 2010. He is back and ready to accept the challenge of leading Cleveland to a championship. With the current roster, it’s probably going to take a while. But I will be rooting for him, I am sure many others will too. Not just because I like him as a player, but because he is striving to bring a championship to a city and community that he grew up as a kid. A kid from Akron, Ohio.